Little Angel: Claire Crosby Sings The Christmas Hymn 'Silent Night' And Melts The Hearts Of Millions

Date October 31, 2019

Talent is an incredible thing. Some people are born with a gift and find that they can play instruments much easier than the average person. All in all, it is a wonderful thing seeing natural talent blossoms and develops.

Little Claire Crosby is super talented and her performances melt the hearts of millions.

Claire Crosby's songs

Claire Crosby was barely two years old when her parents found her at the piano one day, trying to play and sing. Today Claire, nicknamed ‘Tiny little Claire,’ has become a real YouTube phenomenon. Claire Crosby also has her own Instagram account.

The talented child has garnered more than 50 million views on YouTube and has already appeared in a movie and on the Ellen DeGeneres show - twice. Without a doubt, Claire is a little star, and the world is excited to watch her grow and blossom.

The adorable girl has been asked why she loves to sing and her response is just as beautiful as her angelic voice.

She sings because it makes her happy. Performance after performance, this talented five-year-old has not only made herself happy but she as brought joy to a lot of people as well.

She even got to meet judges of ‘The Voice’ and interview them, as that was just wonderful.

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Claire Crosby sings Silent Night

In a video uploaded to YouTube in 2016, the cute singer sang the Christmas classic ‘Silent Night,’ and it was, in one word, magical.

The confidence and overall joy she exuded as she sang was beyond words. Watching the video, viewers can see that the little girl truly enjoys singing and is entirely at peace.

In the video, Claire belts out the lyrics to the classic while a video showing the story of Jesus Christ's birth plays in the background.

Claire is captured in a ‘Christmas’ setting, with a wooden bench and a well-decorated large Christmas tree behind her. It all adds up to make this a truly magnificent performance by the little girl.

The video was truly heart-melting!

Positive comments

Since it was uploaded, the adorable, powerful video has garnered thousands of positive comments.

Various people flooded the comment section with comments on how adorable Claire looked as she sang.

But a large number of comments, while mentioning her looks, were also focused on the song itself, as well as her performance, which was fascinating.

Claire Crosby's singing has been able to bring tears to the eyes of many with her angelic voice. Without any doubt, this lovely singer with an incredible voice has an amazingly bright future ahead.

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