Playful Felines: Is There A Cat In The Bush?


There are many cases when the pictures we see may look like optical illusions. Sometimes, we see what isn't actually there. Sometimes, on the contrary, we can't find the simple details.

The picture we want to offer you is full of greenery, trees, and stones, but there is also a little feline friend hiding there. Cats are known to like hiding in the most unbelievable places:

In jars...


In suitcases...


In paper or plastic bags...


Or even in the furniture...


And who knows why they do that? For safety reasons or just for fun?


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As for our kitty, it prefers hiding in the nature. Are you able to find the cat in the picture below? Pay attention because it is well hidden.

If the cat had a darker or lighter fur color, it would be much easier to spot. But this little pet has a perfect camouflage for this scenery, so it is well hidden in its surroundings.

If you have not managed to spot it, we have the answer for you, as usual.

Was it difficult for you? If you want to test your skills to finding stuff again, we have more pictures and puzzles like this.

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