Cute Pup Was Once A Stray Dog And Now He Has His Own Instagram Account

Date November 29, 2017

If you don't live in Los Angeles and don't have the chance to see this adorable little pup in person, don't worry. Popeye has his own account on Instagram where you can follow his adventures in various restaurants and cafés in LA.

It all began on the day when Ivy Diep found Popeye in the street. He was a stray and starving dog. He was very skinny and fluffy. At that time, Ivy didn't want another dog because she already had several in her house.

However, since no one wanted to adopt Popeye, she finally decided to keep him. Ivy and her husband soon fell in love with the little cutie.

Ivy likes to visit places where she can take photos of food. One of her friends advised her to create an Instagram account and to share photos, not only of food but also of Popeye.

And that is how his account was created. Currently, more than 294,000 people follow the adventures of this really cute dog.