Cat Was Banned From Entering The Library, But That Made Him A Social Media Star

Date December 19, 2017

This story began when Connie Lipton and her husband, who live near his workplace, Macalester College, Minnesota, picked up an adorable cat named Max. After adopting him from a shelter last year, his family thought it would be nice to let him explore the area during the day since in the past the cat loved to wander outside.

It was not surprising that Max found the college campus to be a warm and welcoming place to roam. He quickly grew to love playing with and spending time with the students, who obviously also liked the cat.

Max in his element with students on the Mac campus

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But when Max decided to enter the library, employees worried that he might be accidentally trapped inside. That's why someone decided to put a sign on the library door to inform the students that Max was not allowed to enter it anymore.

But what is surprising about this story is that soon this "ban" went viral and many people sympathized with Max.

Despite all this, Max's family decided that the cat would no longer leave the house. Although Max was very unhappy about not being able to roam around and being forced to stay at home, his family hopes that new activities will distract him.


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And later, if everything goes as planned, Connie will allow Max to return to the campus, but this time on a leash. Also, knowing that her cat likes to spend time with people, she wants him to become a therapy cat that can help adults.

Max getting ready to train to walk...I think he's ready ????

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We hope that Max will find "his way" and will be surrounded by people who love him. Feel free to share this inspiring story if you loved it.

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