11 Hilarious Evidence Photos That Dogs Can Sleep Anywhere And In Any Position

Date February 6, 2018

If you are extremely exhausted, you can probably fall asleep anywhere and in any position, even if there are people around you. It seems that the same statement is valid for animals, and especially for dogs. These animals are also able to fall asleep at any time if they are very tired and sometimes, in quite hilarious positions.

And today, we would like to present you with 12 irrefutable pieces of evidence. Look carefully at the positions and expressions of these doggies' faces, and you will laugh for sure!

1. It seems that this puppy has already gotten used to sleeping upside down.

Публикация от Doti Ban (@dotios)

2. "Good night everyone. I don't see anyone."

Публикация от Sara Amore (@sara_amore89)

3. And where is his body?

Публикация от Eder Zoccal (@ederzoccal)

4. "I'm not here. I'm sleeping!”

Публикация от Dog Lovers (@weluv_ourdogs)

5. What a comfortable pillow!

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6. This cunning dog has found the best place to fall asleep, hasn't it?

Публикация от Demo Vizsla (@demo.vizsla)

7. Can I sleep sitting? No problem!

Публикация от Deniska Kindlova (@deniskakindlova)

8. This husky does not like to sleep like other dogs.

Публикация от Marshall_husky (@marshall_husky)

9. The paw near the mouth is essential to keep it closed...

Публикация от just nobody (@toluk.jpg)

10. Oh, he is cute!

Публикация от Sodal Jessica (@sodal_jessica)

11. Sleeping upside down is obviously already very trendy.

Публикация от Drummer & Noah (@drummer_and_noah)

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