When 5 Frozen Puppies Were Found, An Animal Shelter Employee Did Everything Possible To Save The Weakest One

Date January 17, 2018

While most people celebrate Christmas at home with their loved ones, this was not the case with Tessa Lee who was working at the Whitecourt Homeless Animal Rescue Foundation (WHARF) and was saving the lives of 5 frozen puppies. On the evening of December 23, 2017, WHARF employees in Edmonton, Canada, received a call reporting that 5 puppies were in danger.

According to the information given, these poor creatures were in distress, severely dehydrated, and emaciated. The puppies were found on private property 45 minutes west of Edmonton. The young woman did not hesitate a second and went to rescue them right away. When Tessa arrived on the scene, the woman saw that the puppies were in a very deplorable state and needed help immediately.

Tessa placed them on a heater and gave them maple syrup to raise the level of glucose in their blood. Then, using a syringe, she fed them every 2 hours. All this required a lot of time, patience and strength, so Tessa could not celebrate Christmas with her family. But fortunately, her relatives were understanding.

A day later, 4 of the 5 puppies were already a little better, but the fifth, named Ruby, was not out of danger yet, and it seemed she was not going to survive another day. But Tessa did not want to give up and did her best to help Ruby. She also hoped that a miracle would happen and that the little dog would be healthy again.

On Christmas morning, Ruby was able to stand on her paws for a few minutes. She had not yet had the strength to lift her body completely, but she had started drinking water and eating all by herself. But sadly, a few days later, Ruby lost her fight for life and died.

The story of Ruby and her 4 siblings went viral. After reading it, several people offered to host or even adopt the puppies. But for the moment, it's impossible, because they need 24/7 care to fully recover. Fortunately, Tessa and other shelter staff are doing everything in their power to keep these adorable creatures alive so that their condition will continue to improve and they can be adopted by February.

We hope that these puppies will find their homes and that they will never face situations like this again. And a thousand thanks to you, Tessa, for your invaluable help!