Israeli Woman Discovers The Vixen Family Miracle

Date February 13, 2018

The touching story of a caring mother fox has recently happened in Israel.

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Hungry Fox

Foxes in wild do not accept any help from humans, but this time, the unpleasant conditions made the vixen resort to the unnamed woman for several times.

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Rumble Viral / YouTube

During quite a long period of time, the Israeli used to come to the certain place where she regularly brought some food to the fox that patiently waited for her among the rocks. Usually, the ginger animal took the meat and ran away, forgetting about the woman straightaway.


As this species is considered to be a carnivore, the Israeli helper never tried to follow the fox, but this time, something unique happened.

Vixen Family

In the vixen family, the chores are divided according to the sex. The father goes hunting and searches for the food, while the mother stays with children to look after them and protect against other predators.

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Rumble Viral / YouTube

Unfortunately, there are cases when one member of the family is absent, and in such cases, the others are usually doomed, unless something miraculous happens.

Amazing Discovery

The mother fox wanted the woman to follow her, and this time she was rather persistent.

Rumble Viral / YouTube

When their short adventure finished, the Israeli girl saw the cutest scene she had ever seen.


The vixen brought the food to her three small children and didn’t touch any piece by herself. The father was not anywhere near so, considering the circumstances, the family was not complete.

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The video recorded by a woman instantly became extremely popular all over the internet, showing how caring animal parents can sometimes be when it is about saving their descendants.