This Grandmother, Aged 101, Has An Adorable Reaction When She Sees Herself On TV!

Date February 4, 2018 13:50

Albina Foisy, a lovely 101-year-old lady, became famous on social media thanks to a video filmed by one of her grandchildren. In this video, Albina is seen holding a snowball and throwing it enthusiastically, something that has probably reminded the world of the importance of staying young at heart no matter how old we are.

Armand Foisy / YouTube

This woman from British Columbia, Canada, received the surprise of her life when she saw herself in a televised report.

Armand Foisy / YouTube

At the beginning, she could not believe it and even pointed at the screen and happily exclaimed "It's me, it's me, it's me! Oh my God, look, it's me."

Armand Foisy / YouTube

There is no doubt that her simplicity and joy in the simple things of life make her the most adorable grandmother you will see today, and she should quickly win over your heart:

Source : Armand Foisy / YouTube