According To Scientists, A Broken Heart Can Cause As Much Damage As A Heart Attack

Date January 29, 2018

Many people become heartbroken for different reasons. It is often a very difficult time, but it is said that over time everything will pass and all wounds will heal. Yet, recent studies have found an important link between having a broken heart and our health. /

The broken heart syndrome is called takotsubo. It is usually triggered by mourning and occurs when the stress of the event causes dizziness and weakening of the heart muscle. Until recently, doctors thought the damage was temporary.

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But researchers at the University of Aberdeen have discovered that this phenomenon permanently weakens the heart, like a heart attack. In the longest-running study to date, researchers followed 37 patients with takotsubo for an average of 2 years. To examine the results, ultrasounds and MRIs of their heart were performed. As in the case of heart attacks, many patients could not exercise and felt tired. Researchers suggested that patients with takotsubo should be prescribed the same medications as those prescribed to patients who have had a heart attack.

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What is more, women are more affected than men. This new research shows that the effects of takotsubo can be felt well after the "incident" and proves that it affects our overall health throughout our lives. Nevertheless, scientists are still continuing their research to understand how exactly this happens and why some people are affected more than others. That is why we must take every possible precaution to avoid the harmful consequences of a broken heart.

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