One Couple Adopted Three Pit Bulls And One Chihuahua, And Now They Are Big Instagram Stars

Date February 14, 2018

Having a pet at home is a huge responsibility, but this couple from California, United States, is responsible for nothing more and nothing less than four adorable dogs, with whom they enjoy spending time together and share some good laughs. By recording videos and funny pictures, they made three pit bulls and one chihuahua big stars on Instagram.

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The proud owners decided to share their adorable little family with their followers, creating memes with the dogs’ photos and making short videos while sharing unforgettable moments that would inevitably bring at least a smile to anyone who stopped by to take a look.

The cuteness of these dogs is undeniable but what is more interesting is the fact that each one has their own personality, and that each one is hilarious in their own way.

In the following photo, we can see one of the puppies lying with what looks like a pillow with the message that says "When someone tells you that you are narcissistic but you know that nobody loves you like you do".

The couple also uses their Instagram account to post about organizations that help animals.

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In the photo above, you can see the four adopted dogs and the message saying that they donated money to a foundation called "Paw Fund", which is responsible for providing free medical services for pets so that their owners can have financial support and continue to enjoy their company.

Sometimes many people who come to the decision to have a dog start to analyze which are the best breeds and where they could get the best offer, but this pair is a good example that it is also important to consider adopting a puppy or two because they all need loving families that could provide them with care and affection.

Source: Lisa Reilly / Instagram

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