Born Without Front Legs, Adorable Puppy Found The Best Adoptive Father

Date February 20, 2018 11:25

This little puppy, who you can see in the video below, was born without his front legs.  Nubby (the puppy's name) weighed less than half a kilo and was the only one of its kind in his litter.

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No-one thought he would survive. Nevertheless, Nubby managed to find a new family and an adoptive father who loved him. He was convinced that the little puppy deserved a second chance.

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Nubby grew up and his desire to live surprised everyone. Like all little dogs, he was energetic and happy.

The puppy was bottle-fed and, having no mother at his side, was often sick. Nevertheless, he was able to overcome all this. Today, Nubby is getting bigger and bigger and proving to everyone that he is a real fighter. When he is tall enough, he will receive a pair of wheels. He trains a lot to become stronger each day.