Sometimes, The Brain Can’t See The Obvious. Is It Possible To Find The Missing Number In This Test?

Date February 9, 2018

There are some people who can’t count from 0 to 50. If you are one of them, we can help you. But with this test, you might start to think that years of education didn’t pay off.

The task is simple - find what number is missing in the picture.


Of course, following all the lines and numbers, you can answer correctly. But why is it so difficult to do it immediately? It's almost impossible to determine the missing number straight away. What's the matter?

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(If you haven’t found it yet, then the answer is 32. Look closely, between 31 and 33, something is missing!)


Why do so many can’t see the missing number? The answer is this: we are so used to see the correct sequence that our eyes simply slip by. Our brain sees the whole picture at once, without clinging to individual numbers.

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Psychologists have long been debating why our brain does not notice the obvious. In an experiment conducted by psychologists Christopher Chabry and Daniel Simons, people were shown a video of a basketball game and asked to count the number of passes in the game. In the middle of the video, a man in a gorilla costume passed through the crowd of spectators, but 50% of the viewers didn’t notice him! When the brain is focused on one thing, it often doesn’t notice anything around.


When focusing on one thing, it's very easy not to notice the obvious. We are distracted by the current task and stop paying attention to the surrounding reality.


By the way, did you immediately notice the missing 32 or from the second or third attempt?


Promise, we won’t judge you!

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