Salma Hayek Is 51Years Old And Finally Shares On How She Manages To Look So Young

Date December 28, 2017

The Mexican actress is 51, but we can say that she definitely looks at least 15 years younger. She loves to share beauty tips, especially now that she has launched her own line of cosmetics, CVS. But they aren't the tips you might expect from a Hollywood celebrity, since she's not a fan of Botox and she uses some very simple ingredients. Here, we'll share her secrets with you.

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1. Never wash your face in the morning

Your skin regenerates while you sleep, restoring your PH balance, producing the necessary oils, collagen and more.


2. Accept your hair's natural shape instead of fighting it

Hers is wavy and trying to change her look every day will only damage it. After showering, she applies water with sea salt onto her wet hair and allows it to dry by itself.

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3. The purpose of makeup is for it to look like you're not wearing any

If you're not sure what is your ideal blush color, look inside your mouth: That's the color you should use.

4. Brush your body

The Mexican swears by brushing her body before showering. It helps stimulate circulation and eliminates dead skin cells.

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5. Zero Botox

Salma doesn't like Botox, especially when people use it at such a young age: "That message that keeps being repeated to young people for them to use it so that they never get wrinkles is ridiculous. But your face will droop if you use it."

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6. Flex your muscles instead of going to the gym

"They say that morning exercise is best, but I don't have the time. I work approximately 20 hours per day, so for me it's impossible. A woman in London tought me that, while I'm doing all my activities, I flex my glutes and abs to work them."


7. Tepezcohuite to regenerate the skin

She uses an ingredient called Tepezcohuite, which is used in Mexico to treat burn victims. It helps to naturally regenerate the skin.

What do you think about her beauty secrets? Would you add them to your routine?

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