Prince William Wants To Teach His 4-Year-Old Son How To Use The Telephone In Case Of An Emergency

Date December 29, 2017

Prince William has revealed that he will teach his 4-year-old son, Prince George, how to use the telephone to dial emergency (999 in the UK), after meeting a girl who saved her mother's life with one phone call.


On Monday, the Duke of Cambridge met with 4-year-old Suzie McCash, during the Pride of Britain awards, honoring the bravest UK citizens. Suzie was able to save her mother's life by calling 999 and describing her symptoms to emergency staff when she passed out and her breathing stopped.


Suzie, who received the Child Of Courage award and was just 4 years old when she made the call that saved her mother's life, described to William how she was able to calmly ask paramedics to come to the family house in Tynemouth, Northumberland, at the beginning of this year.


Impressed by her courage and intelligence, William said he had no idea what his own son, Prince George, who is the same age as Suzie when she made the call, would do in such circumstances. The Duke told the little girl:

I have a 4-year-old boy named George and if I gave him the phone, I don't know what he would do.


It is very important to teach children how to react in emergency situations, as well as teaching them how to memorize important details such as their name, address, and phone number. From what age do you think it's important to teach them these important aspects? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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