4 Favorable Skin Changes Of Women Turning 50

Date November 27, 2017

What happens when we turn a cube that we have only previously seen from one angle? Most likely, we discover details hidden on the other sides, but which we've never been able to see before. That's what we're talking about with aging in women and the conflicting stage of the 50s.

The problem of menopause has been at the center of most people's reactions to this stage of a woman's life. The main argument is that the lack of estrogen, as a result of menopause, causes bodily changes, such as the lowering of collagen levels and skin aging.

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Up until now, popular belief has led us to demonize this period in a woman's life: From the myth that an infertile woman loses her sexual appetite and is no longer seen as desirable, to the claims of aging and loss of beauty. Other stances focus on the advantages of menopause in living a full, sexual life, without having to worry about your period and everything that comes along with that.

Here we list some of the advantages of reaching your 50s. The point is to show that beauty isn't an inherent attribute which is timeless and fixed. Beauty also transforms over time, because it changes our perception of the body. Therefore, a woman is as beautiful at 20 as she is at 50 because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Let's focus on all the benefits which menopause brings.

1. Disappearance of acne.

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During the premenopausal period, acne breakouts can be seen even if you've never previously experienced breakouts. However, as time goes on, the reproductive hormones, estrogen, and progesterone reduce and with it, so do zits.

2. Reduce fat on the skin.

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As we age, the sebaceous glands begin to produce less oil, which means no more oily face.

3. Reduce the size of pores.

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Another important point: pore size is reduced. As a result, oil production is also reduced. This, in turn, means fewer imperfections will come out.

4. Disappearance of rosacea.

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The condition which causes the skin to adopt a pinkish color with ulcers and blisters is associated, in some cases, to hormonal imbalances. Guess what? Menopause reduces the risks of having rosacea.

As you'll see, every stage in life has its own rules; it's just about trying to learn to live with the changes that our advancing years throw at us. By turning 50, you're a woman who is more aware of her own body and able to feel comfortable in your own skin. Learn how to come to terms with yourself.

Source: Prevention

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