Makeup Store Samples May Contain Harmful Germs And Bacteria

Date November 27, 2017

Makeup is an essential part of almost every woman's routine. Beyond just looking more feminine, many do it to feel better about themselves. And every day, the cosmetics industry surprises us with the number of products, the variety of colors, types of foundation, concealer, blush, and lipstick.

And it's about lipstick that we want to talk today. When buying, there are always hundreds of colors to choose from and you can't decide between the intense red or the pale pink. So, in order to know which color suits us best, we resort to the testers found in makeup stores, right?

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A group of researchers decided to carry out an undercover investigation of 6 different makeup stores, from well-known luxury stores to smaller discount stores. They examined lipstick testers, mascara, foundation, and creams to determine what germs and bacteria get transmitted to the skin.

While none of the products tested looked dirty, slight discoloration and, in some cases, strange smells could sometimes be observed.

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We know that it's hard to find the right foundation color and we almost always have to resort to trying the product on our own skin. But the problem is when these tester products have already been contaminated by germs and bacteria from another person.

All samples collected were sent to a microbiology laboratory at Columbia University, where they discovered that all makeup tester samples showed evidence of fungal or bacterial growth.

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Of the 25 samples sent, 9 tested positive for bacteria growth that could be considered harmful to people with a weakened immune system. Plus, other samples contained fungal growth which in contact with the skin, can definitely produce a skin infection or conjunctivitis.

After seeing these results, microbiology specialists recommend against using makeup testers, no matter what store they're from. Instead, they recommend seeing a sales agent who has the same variety of products and who is aware of the correct hygiene measures needed to be able to test any makeup product.

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Additionally, they remind us that there are makeup stores which have a return policy if the customer isn't happy with the product. So, as a client, you're not obliged to try absolutely everything. And in case you do have to try it, you can always ask a store employee to first sterilize the product with a little alcohol.

So, next time that you decide to go to a makeup store and apply lipstick directly to your lips you should think again. You could expose yourself to an overwhelming amount of bacteria, fungal growth or even something worse.

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Source: Abcnews

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