6 Jewels Prince William Gave Kate Middleton To Commemorate Special Events

Date November 23, 2017

Most women love it when their partners give them gifts... and when it's jewelry, it's even better! Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is no exception, and it seems that Prince William loves to surprise his wife with luxurious jewelry which has both monetary and emotional value.

These are 6 jewels that the Duchess of Cambridge has been given by her husband to commemorate special occasions or to simply make her feel wonderful.

1. Engagement ring.


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This ring originally belonged to Princess Diana. It has 14 diamonds and a 12-carat sapphire. The ring is of great emotional importance to William, since it represents one of the most precious memories of his mother.

2. Wedding ring.


This jewel is made of Welsh gold and belongs to the royal family.

3. Sapphire and diamond earrings.


These earrings perfectly match the engagement ring. They also belonged to William's mother and were among his most prized possessions. The future king gave them to his beloved wife in 2011.

4. Christmas earrings.


The Duchess of Cambridge used these earrings the first time she spent Christmas with the royal family. They were designed by jeweler Kiki McDonough, and it is thought that they were a gift from William.

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5. Cartier watch.


It was a gift from the prince to celebrate their third wedding anniversary. The watch contains a sapphire which goes perfectly with her earrings and engagement ring.

6. Amethyst and tourmaline earrings.


William gave her these beautiful earrings to celebrate the birth of their second child, Princess Charlotte.

There's no doubt that the heir to the English crown loves making his wife happy. Who wouldn't want to receive gifts like these!

Source: Woman's Day

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