12 Women Who Were "Number One" And Changed The World In Different Areas

Date December 14, 2017

Those times in which it was very difficult for women to reach positions from which they can change the world and write their names into history are over. In all areas of life, women have earned their place by means of intelligence, grace, discipline, and excellence. With this list, we pay homage to women who have changed the world and are true leaders in their chosen fields.

These are the 12 women who are currently "number one" in what they do and have changed the modern world:

1. Cindy Sherman

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The first woman to sell one of her photographs for over a million dollars. This artist has put herself at the top of this amazing art form which tells stories with every image.

2. Rita Moreno

She's the first Latin woman to win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and A Tony award. Unbelievable!

3.Eileen Collins

She was the first woman to run as a presidential candidate in the USA.

6. Serena Williams

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A true sporting legend. She has won 23 Grand Slams, the highest honors in world of tennis.

7. Madeleine Albright

She's the first woman to be named US Secretary of State.

In the world, there is a lot of room for mediocre men, but no room for mediocre women.

8. Carolina Herrera

She's the first Latin woman to manage and give name to a globally recognized fashion brand.

9. Kellyanne Conway

She is the first woman to successfully manage an American presidential campaign, having been Donald Trump's campaign manager.

10. Ava DuVernay

The first African American woman to direct an Oscar-nominated film.

11. Danica Patrick

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The first woman to be a star on the Indy Car racing circuit. She has been competing at the highest level for more than 12 years. Plus, she's the first woman to have led the Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500.

12. Jennifer Yuh Nelson

She was the director of "Kung Fu Panda", becoming the first female director of a Hollywood animated movie.

Women have no limits! Our admiration and respect to all of these heroines.

Source: Bored Panda

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