Bill Murray Loves Being Spontaneous And Keeps On Joking With Strangers

Date December 1, 2017

The comedy and acting star, Bill Murray, never ceases to surprise us with his behavior. His acting and comedy talents are incredible, but the best thing about him is his spontaneous approach to everything, even when he's not on the job.


His stories are legendary because he does whatever he wants! He doesn't do it to get attention. In fact, whenever joking with strangers, he always tells them:

Nobody is going to believe you when you tell them.

Bill can be walking down the street and cover the eyes of whoever is walking in front of him. He could also show up somewhere and decide to start eating your French fries or other food.

He also doesn't hesitate to make jokes in front of a lot of people. You could arrive at a bar and be surprised to find that Bill Murray is the barman, just because he wanted to. This behavior, which has characterized his 32-year career, has only one objective: To enjoy what he does. He has said once:

The more relaxed you are, the better you do it.

The media have generally criticized his behavior and labeled him as "eccentric," but he doesn't care about that. And although many of his actions tend to be jokes, they always demonstrate kindness and generosity.

Nickgrayiscool / Reddit

One of his latest deeds to be labeled "eccentric" left people stunned. While it isn't too strange to find Bill Murray in line to buy tickets to see “The Steel Drivers” (he is a known fan of the band and has been to other concerts), nobody imagined that he would buy all remaining unsold tickets and distribute them to all the fans in line at the ticket booth.

This man, who is all about spontaneity, also takes pleasure in other peoples' happiness. Although some have questioned the authenticity of this act, social media users have posted his photo at the ticket booth with a huge number of tickets and nobody dares to dispute what happened.


In any case, we know that Murray isn't looking for recognition from his actions, but enjoyment and satisfaction.