5 Things Dogs Are Able To Sense, Including Pregnancy

Date December 4, 2017

Dogs, man's best friends, are incredibly intuitive animals and seem to be very connected to and aware of the environment around them. They often have inexplicable reactions when they are, in fact, perceiving something which we, ourselves, aren't even aware of. They're also tuned in to our levels of stress, worry, and sadness.

There are many things which dogs can perceive and react to much earlier than human beings. Here are 5 amazing examples:

1. Earthquakes

Dating back to Ancient Greece, there have been stories of dogs fleeing the danger zones before devastating earthquakes hit cities. Also, in China, many confirm that dogs act desperately before any seismic activity. Scientists aren't completely sure of the reason behind their heightened levels of perception, but their theory is that it is linked to the much more developed sense of hearing.

On the other hand, other scientists insist that dogs can feel seismic movement in their paws, even when tectonic plates are moving very far away. Their behavior is incredible and dogs tend to take cover underneath something they know will protect them, or run to an open, clear area.

2. Storms

Just like with earthquakes, dogs can sense other things from far away. Storms create an electromagnetic surge which dogs can sense before it reaches them. Our best friends make use of their incredibly well-developed sense of hearing to hear storms miles away. They also make use of their sense of smell, 100 times stronger than that of human beings, to detect changes in the smell of the air before a storm arrives.

3. Diseases, including cancer

Some diseases such as cancer or diabetes generate a certain kind of smell in humans. These smells are very subtle and cannot be detected by other humans, but they can't escape a dog's incredible sense of smell. If a dog is obsessively smelling a particular part of your body, you should think about seeing a doctor.

4. Convulsions

Some dogs are even trained to detect convulsions before they happen. Not only do they warn their owners, they also lie on top of them and ask for help. Nobody knows how they're capable of this, but this canine instinct has saved hundreds of lives.

5. Pregnancy and labor

There are countless stories of dogs whose behavior radically changes on the day that their owners give birth. There are also dogs who perceive pregnancies and become more protective and alert. It is thought that dogs are able to detect hormonal changes via their sense of smell.

Dogs are definitely four-legged angels with floppy ears. Are you aware of any kind of "strange" dog behavior in any other situation?

Source: I Heart Dogs

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