Hair Removal Dates Back In Prehistory As A Survival Mechanism

Date December 1, 2017

Hair removal has always been a topic that has generated a lot of interest, especially among women. There are a lot of debates about whether it's necessary or not and about whether it's a form of oppression against women, etc. But very rarely is the true origin of this practice mentioned. Incredibly, it's much older than you would have thought.

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In fact, historical sources indicate that hair removal is as old as history itself. Prehistoric women and men resorted to hair removal, initially, for survival. The removal of hair from certain parts of the body, including the head, made it more difficult for another person or animal to grab hold of them. It also prevented the hairs from becoming entangled. In order to do this, they used sharp objects such as rocks or seashells. Talk about painful!

Later, hair removal began to take on a more aesthetic role, related to hygiene with the advent of the Egyptian culture. Egyptians of both sexes waxed their bodies with beeswax mixed with other ingredients. The reason behind the hair removal was aesthetic and body hair was thought to be unhygienic. Being waxed was also a status symbol.

During the Roman Empire, hair removal began to become more common among women only and they even began removing their pubic hair, which was considered ugly. The Romans also had their own waxing creams and several types of tweezers and objects to pull out hairs.

The great revolution came at the end of the 18th century when a French barber invented the straight razor. Then, King Camp Gillette invented the most used razors of all time.

From that time on, many techniques have been invented such as laser hair removal, various kinds of wax and electric razors which trim or pull out the hair completely.

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It's amazing what human ingenuity is capable of when it comes to solving a "problem" that is important for everybody. I bet you didn't know the interesting story behind body hair removal.Share this article with your friends for an interesting conversation starter.

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