Hip 40-Year-Old Mom Looks As Young As Her Teenage Daughters

Date December 1, 2017 15:09

There are people who seem to be unaffected by the passage of time. Kienya Booker is one of these incredible cases. She's 40 years old and has two teenage daughters, K’Lienya (18) and Kolieya (16). If you look at a photo of the three of them, it's very hard to tell who is who. It's so hard in fact, that these photos have gone viral and Kienya is a new social media celebrity.

#tbt me and my #daughters ❤️???? @kaay.s_ @koliieya.s

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The photos posted by this woman on her social media continue to astound the public and have been the subject of many comments, memes, and hashtags. At first, Kienya had several thousand followers, due to her videos about natural techniques for changing your hairstyle. However, when she posted a photo of her two daughters, people began commenting about how hard it is to distinguish the mother from the teenagers.

#tgifriday my 3 babies... #myworld ????❤️????????

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This eternally youthful mother also has a 4-year-old son called Obie. This 40-year-old and her amazing appearance have caused such a stir that she now has more than 88 thousand followers. This has catapulted her beauty tutorial to a new level of splendor.

#tbt ........If God be for us, than who can be against us????????? Romans 8:31 #meandmydaughters #mysquad

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The most incredible thing is that the woman also published a montage which included a photo in which she and her daughters were much younger as well as a recent one. This montage shows how much the young girls have changed but the mother doesn't appear to have aged at all.

In reality, we don't know how she does it. What we do know is that she definitely needs to share with us her secret!

Source: kienyabooker / Instagram

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