Before The Success: Morgan Freeman Overcame Racism And Poverty

Date December 6, 2017

Today, Morgan Freeman is a legendary actor, with an Academy Award as well as many other honors for his amazing performances. With a career spanning more than 50 years, we can even say that he's one of the best actors of the modern era. However, some people might not know the early years of this individual and his path to success.


Morgan Freeman had a very tough childhood. He was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, as the youngest in a family of five children. Living in a low-income household, his parents moved to Chicago in search of work, while he remained with his grandmother who lived in Charlestown, Mississippi.

Eventually, due to the stress of the hardship they faced, Freeman's parents divorced. Movies were always a part of his life while growing up, whether being at home or going to the movie theater. He turned to them as a distraction from all other problems he was facing. This finally gave him the motivation and inspiration to follow a career in acting.


However, while chasing his dream of a successful acting career, he encountered two main obstacles. The first was racism, which was one of the biggest problems at that time. As a result, he found it difficult to find projects that had roles available for African Americans.

Another obstacle was the lack of capital to support himself and his family. In fact, the now successful actor prevailed in overcoming the obstacles that stood on the way of his own professional development. Racism was undoubtedly the biggest challenge, and when faced with questions about it by the few directors willing to offer him roles, he frequently offended them, thus becoming considered a "problematic" person.


Being very selective with roles also meant that he lost many opportunities to make good money. In the end, in order to earn for a living, he took a role as the host of a children's TV program called “The Electric Company”. But it wasn't until his Oscar and Golden Globe-nominated role in “Street Smart” (1987), that his career really began to take off.

Following all the problems he had to face, Morgan Freeman became an iconic actor with a successful career in film. Something we can all learn from his story is that in life, it doesn't matter what your dream is. As long as you set clear priorities and work hard, you can make it come true.

Source: Source: The Path of Success

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