6 Differences Between Plantains And Bananas


December 6, 2017 14:11 By Fabiosa

Fruits are not only rich in flavor but also in healthy minerals and vitamins.

One of the most popular fruits is plantain, often referred to as banana, thinking that they're the same thing. The fact is that there are several differences between these two.

Here, we have prepared a list of features of these two types of fruits.

1. Location

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Plantain is found in Mexico, Spain, and other countries. Bananas are more common throughout South America.

2. Physical appearance

Plantain is green at the beginning, then it transforms into a yellow color, and finally, the fruit becomes black. Bananas have similar characteristics that differ a little.

3. Taste

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Plantain isn't consumed raw due to its very bitter taste. When cooked, it takes on a sweet flavor. Bananas are always sweet and have more of a paste-like consistency.

4. Consumption

Plantain can be fried, cooked on a griddle, or pureed. It's used more as a vegetable. Many people like to serve it with white rice. Bananas are used for smoothies, pancakes, as a snack, or in desserts. They are rarely cooked before being used.

5. Contents

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Plantains have a lot of fiber and starch, no fat, and provide lots of energy. Bananas are rich in potassium, iron, folic acid, and vitamins E and C.

6. Water

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Plantains comprise 60% of water, while bananas consist of 80% of water.

Both fruits are very beneficial for the health and very delicious. What's your favorite recipe using plantains or bananas? Please share your thoughts with us.

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