Milla Jovovich "The Fifth Element" Star, Looks Almost As Young Being 42!


December 10, 2017 15:41 By Fabiosa

Actress Milla Jovovich's career took off thanks to her role as Leeloo in "The Fifth Element". In this film we saw her in a futuristic look with orange hair and fighting to save herself and the world alongside Bruce Willis.

She began her career as a model at the age of 12, and by 13, she was already shooting a commercial with none other than Michael Jackson. At the age of 15 she starred in "Return to the Blue Lagoon", but it wasn't until her appearance in "The Fifth Element" that her fame became known worldwide.

Today, Milla is 42 and still looks incredible.

As well as being an actress and model, she has also delved into the world of music. She likes to play the guitar and write songs and poems. In her free time she practices all kinds of martial arts. Perhaps that's why she almost always prefers to take on roles in action movies?

Even though she still acts, she's a mother of two girls, who are her number one priority. Milla enjoys spending time with them and we're sure that she's a great mom.

Cooking is one of the activities she likes to do with her eldest daughter.

Time has passed, but Milla has remained as beautiful as ever. Recently, we were able to see her in the new Resident Evil movie, as well as on several magazine covers. She's one of the most sought after women when it comes to action movies, but she's also an adorable and great mother.

Source: millajovovich / Instagram