3 Reasons Why Felines Hate Water And Tips On Giving Your Pussy Cat A Good Bath


December 10, 2017 15:39 By Fabiosa

Among other things, cats stand out for their fear of water. Luckily, they aren't animals which need to take baths, since they are able to clean themselves. But, have you ever asked yourself why they hate water so much? There is probably a biological and behavioral reason.

Cats are very playful creatures. When you see one playing with water droplets, it isn't because they love the water, rather they're fascinated by the light reflected in it. However, there are some who do like water. It's not common, but it does happen.

Some cat breeds are known for enjoying water so much that they swim! One example is the Turkish Van, which is known as the swimming cat.

Here we leave you with 3 reasons why cats hate water:

1. Boredom

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Cats are animals which get bored easily. They spend hours cleaning themselves and hate having anything abnormal on their fur, because it gives them extra work to do when cleaning.

2. Novelty

Dogs are commonly given a bath once per month, so they're used to it and even enjoy it, but cats don't. If you decide to give your cat a bath for the first time at the age of 1 or 2, it's a fact that it will be a complicated task. On the other hand, if you give them baths from when they're baby kittens, they'll probably accept it more easily in the future.

3. History

Cats are descendants of felines which live in warm areas. These felines have never swam because there was no evolutionary necessity. This behavior is imprinted into the genes of cats.

Tips for giving a cat a bath

Cats don't need to take baths, but if for some reason you do decide to do it, there are certain ways of making it less stressful:

— First, fill a tub halfway with water. Don't use a tub which is too deep, the sound of water flowing from the shower head may make things a lot worse.

— Place a towel on the edge of the tub. It doesn't matter if it gets wet, it will help your cat feel as if it has something to hold on to.

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— Use a container to pour water over them slowly.

— Be very careful of their eyes and face. If possible, avoid putting water, and especially soap, on this area.

We recommend that you never give a cat a bath unless it's absolutely necessary. It's also important not to force them to take a bath. Doing so could affect their behavior. Remember that cats can get mad.

Source: petsbest