Netflix Series, “The Crown” Tells The Story Of Queen Elizabeth II And The British Royal Family Has Seen It

Date December 10, 2017

Gone are the days in which we had to open huge biographies to learn about the lives of influential historical figures. Now the screen covers all, or almost all, historical tales. With the boom of TV series, the demand for historical biographies has increased. Perhaps the most current example is “The Crown”, the recently launched Netflix series.

Based on an important play called “The Audience”, by Peter Morgan, the series tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II of England, from the time of her wedding in 1947.

The first season of the series was shot with a huge budget, expertly covering the personal details of the Queen during her reign, the history of the monarchy, and political occurrences which have shaped Britain's history.

Intrigue, fear, and political games surround this series' plot. It features John Lithgow as Prime Minister, Winston Churchill and Claire Foy and the Queen at the height of her fame. Both actors have won major awards for their interpretations.

The Crown” currently has two seasons, although it's slated to cover 60 episodes, or 6 full seasons. Each season narrates a particular cycle of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. The series focuses on the six decades during which Elizabeth II has been head of the British monarchy.

The series has also embarrassed the family relationship of the royal family. The complaints, absences, and voids left in the life of her children due to her role as Queen.

The conflict begins when King George VI, Elizabeth II's father, dies following a tragic illness and Elizabeth discovers, while still grieving, that she has become the head of the House of Windsor. Motherhood, political games, her role as wife, a broken family life, and royal tradition become the focus of the series' plot.

Such has been the success of the series, some even consider it to be better than the other great British TV treasure, “Downtown Abey“, and even the Queen herself has seen “The Crown”. Not only her, but several members of the royal family have seen it and been fascinated by the plot.

Now we await the third installment of the series, which promises to deal with an important twist in the Queen's life and a special emphasis on the lives of her children.

Source: Town & Country, El País

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