8 Tips For A Marriage To Beat The Odds And Make A Loving Couple Happy

Date December 15, 2017

When divorce rates are up around the world, it's natural to ask oneself: "What's the magical formula for a successful marriage these days?" Well, there's no doubt that marriage is very complicated and faces challenges every day. But it's not impossible to keep the flame of love alive over the years.

These are many successful cases around the world and, Bela Gandhi, dating coach and founder and president of Smart Dating Academy tells us the 8 characteristics of a happy marriage. Want to find out what they are? Then keep reading!

1. They face the world together

You know that your partner loves you and would go to the ends of the Earth to protect you. This could be from your in-laws, adult children, neighbors, or even when you just want to complain about your boss. They're always on your side and vice versa.

2. They forgive each other

Forgiveness is an underrated aspect of many marriages. We all have our quirks, our moments of weakness, and our defects. We all do things that can offend the other person, but asking for forgiveness and recognizing your own defects will help keep your marriage stronger. Honestly forgiving your spouse daily will strengthen your relationship. The old saying "never go to bed angry" is still great advice.

3. The relationship is "simple"

You're in a good marriage if living together is relatively simple. That doesn't mean there's no arguments, but it does mean that problems can be easily solved. All good relationships require work, but not the kind of tireless work which leaves you exhausted at the end of every day.

4. They're best friends

They share everything, from the good moments to the bad ones, and can't wait to tell each other when something exciting or sad happens in their lives. They don't keep secrets from each other because they trust each other completely.

5. They want the best for each other

If your partner's dream job will keep them occupied most of the time, you insist they take it because you know it's what they want more than anything. He encourages you to have a girls' night with your best friends because he knows it makes you happy, even if it means he has to look after the kids. Mutual support is key.

6. They can be honest

When something doesn't work for you, you feel comfortable talking about your feelings and know that somehow, you'll figure out a solution. You're not scared to be vulnerable because you feel comfortable with your partner.

7. They show love and kindness every day

Daily love and kindness should come naturally if you're in love. Small acts of love and kindness are easy: A kiss before work, a small note on the bathroom mirror, a phone call or text message during the day.

Are you loving and kind with your partner?

8. They give up on the "blame game"

In many marriages, especially those which end in divorce, the tendency to blame the partner for anything bad that happens can become common. Hurtful words such as "it's your fault" slip from angry lips.

In successful marriages, partners are responsible for their own actions and seek to help each other overcome challenges. In fact, the best couples use their individual strengths to help overcome their weaknesses.

It seems that these days it's more common to hear of marriage which ends in divorce. But, as you can see, kindness, understanding, and forgiveness are vital components of a successful relationship. Would you add any others to the list?

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