Woman Built A Home For Her Kids By Her Own Hands

Date December 15, 2017 16:16

Buying a beautiful, new home is a good experience, but building one with your own hands makes you love it like nothing else in this world. This was the unique experience of Cara Brookins and her 4 children.

Cara had gone through two frustrating marriages. She experienced gender abuse and violence in her life. That led her to believe that it was a good moment to escape.

She had no idea how to flee, so one day, while traveling with her kids, she saw a house that had been destroyed in a tornado, which gave her a great idea. Cara realized that it would be a great idea to build a new home from the ground up to start living together with her children in peace and harmony.

At that moment, she also realized that she had just enough money to take on the project, so she didn't hesitate. The only inconvenience — not that it mattered to her at all — is that neither she nor her children had the slightest idea about how to build a house.

However, that didn't stop them. They learned from wherever they could, and YouTube was their main resource. From very general tutorials, they began the entire process. From the cement, to the walls, roofing and finally, the interior touches.

The house's cost was approximately $130,000 since she bought all the construction materials according to her own tastes and preferences. Plus, there was very little labor cost since she and her kids did it all. And as if all of that weren't enough, they finished the project in 9 months, which is incredibly quick given the nature of the work.

They did an amazing job, but best of all was their overall result. First, they managed to have their dream home, and secondly, they built a harmonious family home.

The building has 5 bedrooms, a library, garage, workshop, and more amenities. The quality of the construction is such that it has a current valuation of $500,000, much more than double the original cost.

Experiences such as these push us to live every day, wake up in the morning, explore options, and do not give up in the face of adversity. Not only for ourselves but also for our families.

Source: Source: Hola

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