Isidor And Ida: The Couple On Board The Titanic Who Showed True Love To The Very End

Date December 15, 2017

Love stories captivate almost everybody. Book authors and filmmakers find inspiration for their works in amazing true stories. However, sometimes, genuine romantic events are blurred or completely erased by fiction that adds details to the characters and movie script.


This is the case of the love story between Isidor and Ida Straus. This 67-year-old couple, who were aboard the Titanic, lived through details which were the inspiration used to write the characters of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt — who, it's worth mentioning, were fictional characters created by film director James Cameron. However, neither of these two were used in the beautiful story.


Isidor Straus was one of the wealthiest men at the beginning of the 20th century, and in 1912, when the Titanic sunk, he was the owner of R.H. Macy’s, the then-largest department store in the world. His wife, Ida, was his most valuable treasure and the intensity, and self-sacrifice of their love led them to make the hardest possible decision. They would both die or be saved together.


Following the impact with the iceberg, the crew went to search for the wealthiest passengers to guarantee their safe evacuation from the boat. Isidor, a man who strictly followed the rules and who was very responsible, didn't want to take the place of a woman or child on the rescue boat. This man just wanted his beloved wife to be able to be saved, no matter what happened to him.


Their maid and some passengers who managed to survive the catastrophe confirm that not even the fear of death was enough to make Ida take advantage of any opportunity to save herself. According to survivors, she wouldn't leave her husband. Her words were:

Isidor, my place is right beside you. I have lived with you. I love you, and I'll die by your side if I have to.

And that's what happened. They both remained on the boat's deck, until they were swept away by the sea. There's no doubt that we can make a connection to Rose's final decision to jump out of the boat that would have saved her life, in order to stay by the side of her beloved Jack. Even though, in 1912, many Americans paid homage to this couple (many centers were even named in honor of Isidor and Ida), it must be said that it's a shame their real-life story hasn't come to life on the big screen.

Source: Titanic La Historia

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