Salma Hayek Changed Her Style To Play A New Role. She Is Unrecognizable

Date December 19, 2017 15:41

Recently, Salma Hayek celebrated her 51st birthday. But her eternally youthful face and beautiful smile seem to hide her age incredibly well. We're used to her permanent experiments with the style. Just a few months ago, the actress surprised everyone with a light-colored, wavy haircut; a style which had never been seen on her before. Salma chose this color to attend the Cannes Film Festival, and as always, she decided to share her look on social media.

Many of us tend to remember Salma for her long, dark hair, often straight and with a fringe. On other occasions, she has brought her natural curls to life.

But, more recently, Salma changed her look again, this time for a role in the film, The Hummingbird Project. She confirmed via social media that she will be interpreting a female character named Eva Torres in the movie.

This movie is a highly anticipated production since it boasts a blockbuster cast as well as a renowned Hollywood director.

Salma's look is quite modern, given that silver tones have become trendy. Salma has no problem accepting change, whether brought about by herself or nature. A short while ago, she decided to accept that her hair was gradually becoming gray, and she even shared a photo in which she proudly shows off her gray hairs.

Salma Hayek is perfect in her look. The reason must surely have something to do with her ever-present friendliness and charm. What's your favorite look of Salma Hayek? Her current look or one from the past? Please share with us your thoughts.

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