Tip From Police: How To Avoid Being A Robbery Victim During The Shopping Season

Date December 25, 2017

The Christmas shopping season represents a great opportunity for thieves. While you're thinking about what ingredients to buy for Christmas dinner or look for the perfect gift, thieves can take advantage by robbing your purse and using your bank cards.

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Due to the rising crime wave, the New Hampshire Police Department published a tip on social media for shoppers to safely protect their belongings.

A safety tip for women during the holiday shopping season. When using a shopping cart while walking through the store, keep your handbag closed and strap it to the cart using the belt. This helps prevent anybody from distracting you and making off with your belongings. For carts which don't have a child safety strap, find a hook, attach it to the cart and your bag will be safer. HAPPY SHOPPING!

It's very simple and only takes 10 seconds to do.

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As well as closing and securing the handbag, other police departments recommend these additional precautions:

  • remain alert;
  • park your car in well-lit areas and check that the safety latches of your car are engaged;
  • hide shopping bags in the trunk;
  • bring as little money as possible and keep it in your front pocket;
  • buy during the day, with family or friends;
  • immediately notify your bank if your cards are lost or stolen;
  • be careful with strangers who approach for any reason.

With these recommendations and simple tricks, it's possible to spend the shopping season without any nasty scares or shocks.

Happy Holidays!

Source: Source: Windham NH Police Department / Facebook

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