8 Christmas Gifts People Might Not Want To Receive

Date December 25, 2017 17:11

It's a typical scenario that may happen at least once in a life: you're in the middle of exchanging gifts, and all of a sudden, it's time to open yours. You tear the wrapping paper with excitement, everyone looks at you, and you see the gift - a pair of socks! Seriously?!

Of course, you put on your best acting performance by pretending to smile and saying something like, “thank you, it's just what I needed" or "I love it, how did you know it's just what I wanted?" A person who gives this kind of gift is only showing one thing: They didn't take the time to analyze the other person's individual taste, especially when it comes to friends, family members, or partners!

To prevent this from occurring, here is a list of 8 worst Christmas gifts.

Chocolate or cheap candies

Confectionery is a nice touch, but only if it's a fine and tasty chocolate. The worst thing you can do is buy cheap, low-quality candies.

Kitchen utensils

If your friend is a chef or their hobby is to cook, it could be a good idea to give them a professional knife set or something similar. In other cases, it is a bad choice.


This gift appeals to children or adolescents since they can spend it on sweets or toys. However, as a gift exchange or something for your partner, money just shows a total lack of interest in getting them something with a personal touch.


A pet is a huge responsibility that we're unsure the other person is ready for. Therefore, a pet is never a good idea for a surprise gift.

Bathroom products

There's always somebody who gives the typical basket of everything necessary for the bathroom: soap, cream, and lotion among others. Normally, these gifts are cliche, and only few people like them. This is because, at home, most of us already have enough personal care products that we like.


Perfume essence is something very personal. So, unless you know a person's favorite, perfume gifts aren't recommended, especially low-quality ones, which smell like alcohol.

Re-gifting something you didn't like or a gift from last Christmas

Re-gifting something given to you is one of the worst and most common practices. The worst-case scenario is when you re-gift something from last Christmas and mistakenly give it to the same person who gave it to you!


No one likes this gift.

Have you ever received any of these gifts? Tell us your stories in the comments and, please, don't give these presents to others.

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