Optical Illusion Represents A Crowd At A Concert

Date January 24, 2018

Optical illusions are fun. Not everything we see is real, and that's a fact.

For example, just because we see an image of a crowd at a concert, it doesn't mean we're actually seeing a crowd at a concert.

Recently, Micah Horn, a photographer from Texas, shared this strange and deceitful photo on his Instagram account.

Una publicación compartida de Micah Horn (@micah.b.horn) el

Together with the photo, Micah wrote the following:

No, it’s not a concert, but it is a heck of a show!! I will say, you do get your exercise when you take harvest photos!! I had to do it quickly and carefully to not fall... When the transfer of cotton from stripper to boll buggy is complete, it’s a game of jumping back in the cotton stripper while in motion. I think the crew was waiting for me to slip up but luckily, well, I’m a pro at this game...(the truth is I fell twice).

As you see, the photo represents a cotton harvest.

On Twitter, some users shared the photo and were amazed at how our own mind can play tricks on us. The photographer didn't expect this kind of reaction. One user submitted the image to Google Cloud Vision and the results were the following:

  1. Crowd.
  2. Festival.
  3. Stage.
  4. A concert.
  5. An event.
  6. Entertainment.
  7. Night.
  8. A public event.
  9. A rock concert.

There's another photo, which also appears to be of a concert, but again... it's cotton.

Una publicación compartida de Micah Horn (@micah.b.horn) el

It may seem like a simple optical illusion, but we can also see it as a reminder that it's best to stop and think twice after we first see or hear something. It's amazing how a single photo can provoke such reaction!

Source: Source: Someecards

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