Mother And Her Oldest Daughter Look Almost The Same Age

Date January 23, 2018

Jessica Enslow, a mother of 7 children, has surprised some social media users with her posts. At the age of 43, she has a body to die for and looks like the sister of her oldest daughter!

At the age of 19, Jessica gave birth to her first child, and almost 24 years later, this woman from Utah, USA has given birth to six more children. All moms know that pregnancy affects the body, and once the high of childbirth subsides, the battle to lose weight begins. Although you wouldn't know it by looking at her today, Enslow also struggled with getting rid of the extra pounds after her multiple pregnancies.

It was after giving birth to her youngest child in 2013 when Enslow realized that she couldn't let her constant weight changes define her life and her figure. “I literally arrived home from the hospital and immediately put on my jeans from before I was pregnant to discover that they wouldn't reach half way up my thighs,” she said in an interview. “That's when I felt extremely scared and a little depressed."

Even though she tried all kinds of diets and cardiovascular exercises, it wasn't until the beginning of 2017 that she decided she needed to make a change. Enslow practiced being more conscious about what she was eating. She stopped eating Nutella (her favorite craving!) and swapped it for a plate full of healthy proteins and carbohydrates, including oatmeal, fruit, and wholegrain bread.

As well as her diet, Enslow has completely changed her workout routine. Before, she was a dedicated cardio lover, but now, she also adds weight training. Even though she doesn't go to the gym as often as she would like, she normally adapts four or five leg exercises and one butt exercise to add strength to her lower body a couple of times per week, according to an Instagram post.

It's almost impossible to believe that they're mother and daughter!

Having her husband by her side has helped her reach her goals and finally get in shape. For Enslow, it's important to keep long term objectives in mind and stay flexible about how to reach them. By relying on her husband and children for support, she has been able to get where she is today, and she isn't finished yet!

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