Emotional Reaction Of A Young Man With Down Syndrome To His Niece

Date January 26, 2018 13:43

People with Down syndrome suffer many problems and challenges. One of the most important aspects is that people with this condition are particularly susceptible to a lack of affection, which can seriously influence them. For Daniel Throop, a 20-year-old man, affection has always been a problematic aspect.

His brother, Kevin Throop, told more about Daniel's experiences:

When he was younger, I think it was easier for him to show affection. But now that he is older and is a boy trapped in the body of a man, I think it has changed people's perceptions.

But the magic recipe to cure Daniel's affection problems came from the most unexpected of places - 3-month-old baby.

It's Kevin's daughter and Daniel's niece, a baby who arrived into the world when Daniel was on vacation with his parents in Africa. The little girl, whose name is Maysen Ava, became a therapy of love for Daniel. Kevin had the brilliant idea of putting his daughter in the arms of his brother, and the first time it happened, Daniel's face lit up like he'd never seen before.

I hope that people learn that individuals with Down Syndrome give the most pure kind of love. All my brother wanted was to embrace and be embraced, something so simple.

All signs suggest that Daniel is going to be the best uncle to little Maysen Ava, who, from a very early age, will learn the true meaning of love in its most innocent and pure form.

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