Princess Diana Was A Devoted Mother: She Slept On The Floor Next To Her Sick Son In Hospital

Date January 25, 2018

Regardless of status and titles, Diana, Princess of Wales, was a truly devoted mother. Most people admit this, but new details reveal the amazing maternal love that Diana had for her sons, Harry and William.


According to recent news, Patti Boulaye, singer and friend of the princess, says that once, when Harry was in hospital, the princess chose to sleep next to him on the floor. Hospital staff managed to find her a mattress, so she could at least be a little more comfortable. But sleeping on the floor isn't something typical for the princess.

At the time, Diana was 26-year-old mother and her little prince was just 3 years old.


Diana was definitely about more than just fashion and royalty. She loved her children with all her heart. And although she left the world far too early, her legacy lives on through William and Harry.


Patti Boulaye, almost 30 years later, still remembers the princess's incredible maternal love.

She was a beautiful, very normal person. That's what I loved about her

What a great story! Diana, Princess of Wales, is no longer with us, but stories about her love and kindness are still alive and continue to be revealed.

Source: Source: Mirror

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