10 Celebrities Who Decided To Age Naturally Without Any Plastic Surgery

Date January 29, 2018

There's an almost universal (yet unspoken) rule which demands stars to undergo surgery and other beauty treatments in case they have some kind of imperfection somewhere on their body.

Why? Well, let's be honest: Nobody likes to see somebody ugly on the big screen, so artists are obligated to seek perfection. However, there are a few celebrities who have chosen natural beauty by not going under the knife.

They wear their wrinkles with pride. And here they are:

1. Julia Roberts

Denis Makarenko /

According to People magazine, she's the most beautiful woman for the year 2017, and she's 50! Best of all, she's never resorted to plastic surgery, nor has she ever considered it.

2. Jared Leto


The singer and actor is looking great for a 46-year-old. We can see some wrinkles on his face, but he's still one of the most handsome men in Hollywood (both for his face and body).

3. Kate Winslet


She began the "British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League" together with actresses Emma Thompson and Rachel Wiesz. Plus, she signed a contract which prevents her photos from being digitally retouched. She's 42 years old but is very happy with her appearance. For the star of Titanic, what really matters is her talent.

4. Julianne Moore


Although the beautiful actress is concerned about aging, she's 57 years old and doesn't regret being able to count each one of her wrinkles. For Julianne, attitude, charisma, and talent are much more valuable than an artificial face which, in addition to being painful, would prevent her from doing her job well, since she relies on the natural expressiveness of her face.

5. Brad Pitt


In several interviews, he has mentioned that he doesn't worry about his body following its natural course in life and growing old. The actor is now 54 and with visible signs of wrinkles and gray hairs, but he's still one of the most handsome men on the big screen.

6. Tina Fey


The famous comedian isn't worried about looking like a "shiny wax candle," instead choosing to show off her aging gracefully. We have to admit, even though her face has some wrinkles (she's now 47 years old), she's still one of the most delightful actress in the US.

7. Meryl Streep


This 68-year-old actress has won more Oscars than any other actor or actress. She has a quote about physical appearance which sums up very well what she thinks about plastic surgery:

Women, don't worry about your appearance. Whatever makes you different or stand out, that's your strength.

8. Kate Moss


This 90s' super model has been advised to remove some wrinkles or have breast implants on more than one occasion. But her answer is still the same: No. She prefers to be a natural beauty.

9. Emma Thompson


Emma is an actress with a lot of awards in her trophy cabinet (Emmys, Gloden Globes, Oscars...), which proves her huge talent and professionalism. That's why she doesn't need to rely on any plastic surgery for her work to be appreciated. She's very satisfied with her natural aging.

10. Johnny Depp


The star of Pirates of the Caribbean and several Tim Burton's films has led a rather unique lifestyle which has left its mark on his face and body. However, he's still a favorite among audiences around the world, and he won't be undergoing any plastic surgery any time soon.

In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, these super successful celebrities show us that you don't have to be beautiful to achieve fame and fortune; it's a matter of hard work, charisma, and being happy with yourself.

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