7 Plants Which Can Easily Grow In Enclosed Spaces

Date January 29, 2018 07:15

Spaces always look nicer when we add a touch of nature to them. Plants can help decorate, oxygenate, and give life to spaces.

We know that there are houses and offices which let in very little sunlight, which is perhaps one of the reasons why we don't decorate them with plants. But we have good news. There are some species of plants which can survive in dark places. And here are some of them:

1. Dieffenbachia

giedre vaitekune /

These plants are very surprising, can grow up to 10 feet in height, have dark green leaves, and love shade. When placed in direct sunlight, the leaves turn yellow.

2. Spider plant

Bozhena Melnyk /

Its leaves are narrow and long, measuring over a foot in length. They thrive in half-light conditions. If placed in direct sunlight, its leaves can burn. On the other hand, if left without any light, the white part of the plant can disappear.

3. Calathea

Daimond Shutter /

This plant is known for the beautiful, distinctive patterns formed on its leaves. It's originally from the Amazon and is very hardy. It's best for them to be in a humid environment with little sunlight.

4. Dragon plant

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Its leaves grow upward and have red edges. Direct sunlight damages them, they require shade and only indirect sunlight.

5. Philodendron

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It's a unique plant with holes that form patterns. They can easily live indoors. They don't require much care at all.

6. Arum-lily

armifello /

If you forget to water your plants, this is the one for you. It doesn't need much water, and it survives very well indoors.

7. Snake plant

lupaisland /

These plants are very resistant to the cold and heat. They are also resistant to both shade and direct sunlight.

There's no more excuses for not adding a touch of nature to your house. As well as being hardy, these plants are very easy to find.

Source: housebeautiful