7 Health Benefits Of Regularly Consuming Ginger

Date January 29, 2018

The health benefits of ginger have been known for millennia. The Romans used it to heal diseases or give energy. It's a very popular plant, both in the kitchen as well as in natural medicinal treatments.

The most commonly used part of this plant is the root, which when split open has a very strong smell and a spicy flavor. Ginger has a high vitamin and mineral content, among other components which make it one of the most important plants on Earth.

Here, we leave you with a list of the health benefits of ginger, so that you can make the most of it:

1. Relieve joint pain

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger helps reduce inflammation and pain in the joints. It's very helpful for people with arthritis.

2. Accelerates digestion

Ginger helps fight infections thanks to its anti-bacterial properties. It also helps to accelerate the metabolism, given that it increases enzyme production in the body.

3. Gives warmth

Taking a little ginger essential oil helps warm up those who can't stand the cold.

4. Prevents and relieves colds

Taking ginger with lemon is a great way to naturally fight colds and flu. It eases a high temperature and reduces nasal congestion. Ginger tea is perfect for cough relief, especially when drunk before going to bed.

5. Improves circulation

Thanks to its high concentration of zinc and magnesium, ginger helps improve blood flow and relieves a fatty liver. You should consult your doctor before using ginger for this purpose.

6. Calming nausea

When suffering nausea from pregnancy, low blood pressure, or as a side effect of medication, try drinking a cup of ginger tea to ease the nausea. Many pregnant women use this instead of medication.

7. Very beneficial for cardiovascular health

If you're looking to prevent heart problems, consuming more ginger is an excellent idea. It's especially helpful to prevent blood clots and thrombosis.

You can find this root in all supermarkets and fresh food markets. You can even grow it yourself at home. Remember to always consult with a doctor before consuming anything as a treatment for an illness.

Source: Natursan

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