He Lost His 4 Paws To Frostbite, But Now He Received His Prosthetic Paws And It's Like He Never Lost Them In The First Place

Date January 29, 2018 07:18

Sometimes the body may suffer an accident which changes it forever. Luckily, one can carry on living, albeit with certain special care required. Often, this special care involves the help of technology and new inventions made to help facilitate the lives of those with a handicap.

Naki’o is a dog who was abandoned as a puppy during winter. When somebody finally found him, Naki’o's paws were frozen and had to be amputated.

Despite him losing all four of his paws, he remained alive, becoming the only dog in the world to have four prosthetic paws.

As well as new paws, he was adopted by a family which gives him daily love, care, and a warm home.

His human decided to create an Instagram account for him in which there are new photos uploaded every day. He already has more than 2,000 followers and every photo is full of tenderness and hope.

She even wrote a story for children who were inspired by Naki’o.

His "bionic" paws work basically like normal ones. Of course, they need some special care, but they're definitely worth the effort!

This doggy's future, despite his difficult start, looks bright. He now has a life that every dog loves and deserves. He likes to go out, run, play, sleep and receive lots of hugs. He's a very happy dog.

Source: nakiothebionicdog / Instagram