Interview With Ricky Martin Was Made By His Huge Fan

Date January 29, 2018

If there's one phrase that's still relevant in today's world, it's that anything can happen on live TV. Puerto Rican journalist, Ana Belaval, experienced this for herself during an interview with Ricky Martin. She simply couldn't control herself and went through an embarrassing but very funny moment.

Ana was in Chicago, while the singer was in New York. The young journalist began by thanking Ricky for helping Puerto Ricans affected by hurricanes Irma and Maria. Until this point, everything was going fine.

However, from one moment to the next, the young lady could no longer contain her joy and began to jump with excitement. Shortly afterward, she pulled some faces and hugged the camera. Once she said goodbye to the singer, the young lady began to explain to her colleagues the reason why she was so excited.

According to the journalist, Ricky Martin is one of the biggest representatives of Puerto Rican culture, so the responsibility and privilege to share a moment with somebody who has done so much for his country was huge. The girl continued sharing her thoughts about Ricky by saying, "I'm with him and he's with me. I'll take care of his children," but in a very personal way, without knowing that the singer was still on air, listening to every word.

The girl's surprise was huge. She didn't know where to hide her head from embarrassment and jokingly threatened to kill her colleagues for not telling her. Ricky is a man with a very good sense of humor, and he thanked the journalist for her very kind words, also asking her not to kill her colleagues because he didn't want to be involved in a crime of passion.

You can't miss this girl's super funny reactions.

Ana Belaval will definitely never forget the day she accidentally flirted with her idol, Ricky Martin.

Source: Pulzo, Mashable

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