Salma Hayek Is Still Distraught Over The Loss Of Her Dog Which She Rescued 18 Years Ago

Date January 29, 2018

Those who have pet animals at home know very well the feeling of having an additional member of the family. In fact, animals become our most loyal companions, our best friends, and even a fundamental part of the home. That's why their loss is felt so heavily, the same as losing any other family member.

This terrible suffering has hit actress, Salma Hayek, who announced that she's mourning the death of her dog, Lupe. Salma has always been an animal lover and never misses an opportunity to help them. At home, she enjoyed the love of 4 dogs and she also loves horses.

However, her family of canines is now one less. The actress rescued Lupe from the streets of Mexico City, when she was a little puppy. Since then, the dog has been a part of her life for 18 years. For Salma, it was like watching a daughter grow up, which is why Lupe's death has left a huge hole in her heart.

The Mexican shared a heartwarming image with her followers of Lupe in her arms. She also described how much those 18 years of adventure by her side have meant to her. The actress' fans didn't hesitate to share their condolences and support with words of encouragement and affection. Salma thanked everyone for the kind comments, which she said succeeded in lifting her spirits.

Although Lupe's loss is a very painful moment for the actress, we hope she can soon accept what's happened and find comfort. Meanwhile, she still has lots of love left to give to the remaining members of her family.

Source: Salma Hayek Pinault / Instagram

Salma Hayek