Bond Between These Twins Is Very Strong. They Managed To Give Birth To Their Children On The Same Day


January 31, 2018 12:59 By Fabiosa

Twins share a special relationship, which guarantees a strong and spontaneous connection between them. We've heard many stories about those who can share the same pain as their sibling or sense that something is going to happen. But with Rebecca and Rachael McGeoch, things were different.

Although these twins had lived their whole lives together, the story of their pregnancies is unprecedented and very intense. It turns out that Rebecca had been trying to get pregnant for a while, but it just hadn't happened for her.

After several attempts, Rebecca suggested Rachael try, so that their children would be of a similar age. The idea excited them both, so they decided to go for it!

In a few weeks, Rachael got pregnant.

It was incredible, but they both found out they were pregnant at the same time. And as if that wasn't enough, their children were expected to be born less than 15 days apart, according to medical report. However, deep down inside, they were hoping that their children would be born on the same day, just as they were. However, Rachael's birth was delayed.

They tried to induce Rachael's labor for more than 48 hours, but the baby didn't respond. It was then that her sister Rebecca arrived to help her through the ordeal.

Shortly after Rebecca's arrival, Rachael gave birth! But since everything needs to be in pairs with them, Rebecca also entered into labor right after holding her nephew in her arms. The pair was ecstatic, knowing that they had both given birth on the same day, just as they had hoped.

The connection between twins is unbelievably strong, right?

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