7 Things Parents Should Teach Their Children Before They Turn 13

Date December 28, 2018

When it comes to raising adolescents, there is no rulebook. So do not expect that the parenting method employed by one parent will work for another. However, it is important for parents to realize that most teens have one goal. Achieving independence.

Therefore, the best any parent can do is find ways to equip their adolescents on their quest for independence. And these are some of the things to consider teaching them.

1. Financial prudence

It is essential that children be taught about money: how to earn it, save it, spend it, and invest it. Presenting real life and everyday scenarios to support the importance of managing money is important. This will help children understand that money is a limited resource that needs to be managed properly.

Most children are used to waking up and getting ready for school without their parent’s intervention. For those who are not, gifting such children an alarm clock is not a bad idea. Explaining the importance of being on time is key to managing children.

3. Courtesy

Every day, teenagers interact with their peers, younger people, and adults. They need to be aware that every person deserves to be spoken to in a courteous manner and with respect, notwithstanding their age or position. It also helps if parents also treat teenagers with respect.

4. Personal hygiene

One of the most dramatic changes in teenagers is in their biology. Children, therefore, need to be taught how best to take care of their bodies. At they achieve teenage, they may also become aware of their sexuality. Proper guidance can mitigate against improper conduct and sexual deviance at this stage.

5. Home care and chores

Teenagers usually are preoccupied with having fun and find housework boring. It helps if children are taught how to clean house before they become teenagers. Later on, they should be taught how to make basic meals for themselves and other people. These are skills that come in handy.

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6. Academic excellence

Parents need to support their children in school. This includes chipping in when they ask for assistance doing assignments and looking over their work. Keep contributions positive. Ensure that children learn the importance of working hard.

7. Location and transportation

They may not be able to drive but you can teach them how to find their way around town, especially to school and back home. Also, it is essential that children know how to navigate the neighborhood. This skill may come in handy in case of an emergency. And you also reduce the risk of children getting lost.

In conclusion, turning 13 may seem like just another milestone. But it marks the first step into adulthood for children. By this time, parents are obligated to guide their teenagers and prepare them for the changes that come with the new phase in their lives.

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