Experts Confirm The Worst Age For A Child To Deal With Their Parents' Divorce

Date February 15, 2018

Divorce is always an unpleasant, traumatic, and undesirable situation, especially when children are involved. No couple with children intends on getting divorced, that's for sure. And while any divorce can be harmful for the psychological well-being of children involved, there are certain ages at which divorce can be more harmful than normal.

Any child under the age of two, for example, won't be able to really understand divorce. They may miss one of their parents following a split, but children are less affected by divorce at this age.

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Childhood psychology has dealt with the topic of divorce and its effects on children. After the age of three, there is always the potential for some kind of trauma. The worst age may be around 11, because at this age children have had several years of enough maturity to understand what marriage means and what their parents' relationship means to them. Plus, the concept of a family unit exists in a very stable way in their mind.

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The worst thing about the subject of divorce isn't just the separation. What is most mentally damaging for children are the conflicts, especially if they occur when the child can hear or see them. It's best to avoid fighting or arguing in front of them.

Another very traumatic topic is abandonment by a parent. Children feel that, one way or another, divorce is their fault.

Now, once children reach adolescence, these topics can be handled more maturely in most cases. Teenagers can understand the situation rationally and comprehend if their parents are having unsolvable conflicts and that they would be more happy apart, then divorce is the only option.

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It's important that, in case of divorce, both parents keep in mind that they must continue to love and spend quality time with their children. Plus, psychological help is essential and should always be kept in mind.

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