She Entered An Abandoned House To Photograph It, But She Never Imagined That It Was Still Inhabited

Date February 22, 2018

Her name is Leslie, but she is better known as "the tourist." Although officially it is not a profession, this young woman is dedicated to exploring the city. That is to say, she spends hours walking the streets looking for remarkable buildings to photograph them and upload the photos to her social networks.

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This is how she met Lawrence, an elderly man who lived in a house Leslie was always curious about, and which she finally decided to photograph. Although the property looked very neglected, it was actually occupied by this poor man.

Lawrence wasn't able to take care of his house - due to an accident, he had broken his hip and got partially blind. However, even though Leslie disobeyed the privacy of his home, he decided to talk to her, and eventually they became friends.

Although it had been several months since the first meeting, and Leslie was responsible for revitalizing the story of Lawrence, this friendship was about to face many challenges. The health of the man got worse, and now he lived in an asylum. And even though his house was repaired by a group of volunteers, there was a possibility he would never return.

However, as the man told the press, the day he met Leslie was the happiest in his life.

What an inspiring story! Would you have done the same as Leslie?

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