Celebrity Prom Photos Can Show That These Stars Have A Bright Future Ahead Of Them


March 2, 2018 16:55 By Fabiosa

For most people, the graduation dance is one of the most memorable times of their teenage lives. There are the awkward first kisses, the unforgettable fashion choices, and of course, the often-embarrassing photos.


Your favorite celebrities are not immune to these wonderful and at times terrifying moments. We have collected the best celebrity prom photos for your entertainment.

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1. Rihanna

imgurnotimager / Imgur

The Umbrella star looks positively dashing in her blue dress.

2. Bruno Mars

imgurnotimager / Imgur

Talented American musician and choreographer is 32 years old, but he looks like he stepped out of his prom picture.

3. Jessica Alba

imgurnotimager / Imgur

The Dark Angel star also seems to swallow the years. She is a 36-year-old mom of three but still looks youthful and beautiful.

4. Britney Spears

imgurnotimager / Imgur

The pop princess is 36 years old, and the differences in her face are a little bit more evident. The emotional disorders and the addiction to harmful substances have left some mark.

5. Jennifer Aniston

imgurnotimager / Imgur

The idolized by many "Rachel" from the popular television series Friends, is almost 50, however, we must say she still looks absolutely stunning!

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6. Brad Pitt

imgurnotimager / Imgur

At 54, Brad Pitt has nothing to envy about his younger self. He still holds the name of the Hollywood’s sex-symbol.

7. George Clooney

imgurnotimager / Imgur

The 56-years-old Hollywood actor might have changed throughout the years but his charm is timeless.

8. Meryl Streep

imgurnotimager / Imgur

This movie veteran and talented actress continues to get big roles and collect Oscars at 68 years old because a true talent has no age.


Do you think these celebrities changed much with years? Would you recognize them if we didn’t tell you their names? And, also, is your prom photo proudly portrayed in your house or hidden somewhere where no one can find it?

Source: imgurnotimager / Imgur

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