6 Warning Signs Of Oral Health Problems Aside From Teeth

Date March 14, 2018

Our teeth and mouth, in general, are our greeting cards. And we must always pay close attention to what happens in that area because, occasionally, some signs can reveal more serious problems. Pay attention to these oral warning signs:

1. Bad breath

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The majority of cases of halitosis are the result of poor oral hygiene. If the patient follows good oral hygiene and continues to suffer this symptom, it could be a sign of another complication, such as type 2 diabetes, liver or kidney failure, or intestinal complications.

2. Mouth ulcers or sores

Mouth sores are normally the result of accidentally biting oneself. These kinds of wounds shouldn't take longer than two weeks to heal. When they do, you should perform tests to rule out more serious illnesses such as cancer or HIV.

3. Teeth falling out

These days, advances in oral hygiene have kept cases of teeth falling out to a minimum. When situations like these do arise, it may be due to periodontitis and you should see a doctor immediately. It may also be a sign of menopause and osteoporosis in women over the age of 40.

4. Chipped teeth

It's normal that, over time, tooth enamel weakens and they lose their natural protection. However, there are cases in which young people have weakened tooth enamel. As a result, the teeth begin to chip and have small cracks. The patient may possibly be suffering from gastroesophageal reflux.

5. Worn and flat teeth

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Many people continuously grind their teeth and think that it's simply a normal habit. In fact, this habit may mean that we're suffering from chronic stress. We must pay attention to this because there are cases in which the teeth can begin to flatten out, making it difficult for the joints in the jaw and to adequately chew food.

6. Inflamed gums

This ailment may be the result of excessive consumption of heart medication. If you're not currently being prescribed this kind of medication, you should pay attention. It isn't normal to suffer from constantly inflamed gums.

The mouth definitely has its ways of sending us warnings that something is wrong. Pay attention to these signs and always try to maintain good oral hygiene.

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