Eyes Are The Window To The Brain: Scientists Explain How Different Colors Relate To The Particular Lobes Area

Date March 21, 2018

Unfortunately, the name of the poet who said that the eyes are the window to the soul was lost throughout history, but his legendary saying will be there for us forever. Especially when, nowadays, scientists can easily contradict the romantic nature of the unnamed writer. They would say that the eyes are actually the window to the brain as people’s behavior is very much linked to the color of their eyes.


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Window to the brain

It was recently proved that the exact eye color is governed by the particular areas in the frontal lobes of the brain, which are responsible for storing and controlling the main features of the personality. Therefore, some scientists dared to ensure that the eyes are the only visible part of the brain.

What eyes can tell?

These are the most interesting similarities that the experts have found:

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Black eyes

People who have eyes with such dark hue are described to have great leadership and security. The reason for the color of their eyes is due to the high presence of melanin in their irises.

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Blue eyes

According to the research, shyness and intelligence are the main characteristics of people with blue eyes. However, behind these traits, you can find a great psychological strength that not all are able to perceive. Another interesting scientific feature of this study was that women with blue eyes have a greater resistance to handle pain.

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Gray eyes

This color is actually a variation of the blue eyes due to a reduction of light in the melanin. In addition, it is proven that this is the least common color in the eyes of people on the planet. Those who have eyes of this color can have two variations: if they are dark gray, they are very emotionally unstable people. Contrarily, the clearest versions of gray suggest that a person is more bearable at a sentimental level.


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Brown eyes

One of the most striking features is that people with brown eyes have dream patterns different from the rest. Therefore, they tend to sleep 2 hours less. Likewise, they were considered to be sympathetic and very respectful human beings.


Green eyes

Green eyes took the title of being the favorites. According to the study, such people are said to be more sensual and pleasing. In this sense, the amount of melanin present in the eyes has an adequate balance that makes them like the browns, but are of great strength and calmness like the blues. As far as personality is concerned, such people turn out to be very creative and patient.

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Actually right

In short, the poet was quite right when he said that the eyes could tell a lot about the soul; he just did not know the scientific explanation of his phrase. Do you think your personality matches the one described above? Share your opinions about it.